Here is Standing teaser #2. 🙂

It took him about fifteen minutes to reach the dots. As a large clearing opposite a huge cave and a looming forest came into view, Force stopped dead in his tracks. The most magnificent beast he had ever seen in real life or on a page stood before him. A towering bear-like form stood on its hind legs, its soft brown fur glistening in the light…but it wasn’t a bear. On top of its head, a white, sparkling horn tapered to a point. Amazing, literally flaming wings spread gracefully out from its sides. They burned with a bright red fire. At first he wondered why the animal didn’t seem to be concerned that it was ablaze. Then understanding overtook him. Its wings are like a phoenix’s. Force had a feeling that this creature never walked on four legs. It suddenly raised its head and let out a guttural roar. On his educational computer device in Dellinia, Force had heard a lion roar. That didn’t even begin to compare. This shout was low, and wild, and musical all at the same time. It shattered the air. Force had to cover his ears. How can I go up against something like this? He looked down at his crude weapon. Then determination overtook him. I have to save Gale. He took a deep breath and steeled himself.

He was about to sneak up on the flamien, but suddenly the tracker started to vibrate in his pocket. He took it out, a blue dot flashed across the screen heading quickly for one of the green ones. He looked up. Something large whooshed past him and sent the flamien hurtling to the ground. The other beast landed and crouched opposite its downed opponent. It, too, was of large proportions. The dragon-like creature’s bright red skin and beady eyes glared in the sunlight. The flamien rose with startling agility. It roared in anger as its wings flared and it rose up into the sky along with the dragon. They circled each other in the air, snarling. The majestic creatures both roared and lunged at each other. They each clawed at their opponent and tangled together, leaving deep wounds. Force could see that they both had scars from previous fights. Their fierceness penetrated the air. He had a feeling that this was a battle he would not soon forget.