I’m happy to announce that my next book, Cadence (Book Two of The Waterblaze Trilogy), will be released soon. Here’s a sneak peek:

Before Dellinia, there was Dalanda.

Time can be your worst enemy. On the water planet of Dalanda, a mergirl discovers a deadly truth that will literally destroy her world. In a caste system where no one will listen to a sixteenth-born, speaking up can be hard. Astrid has learned to bow under the disdainful gaze of her society. She has learned to be silent and fade into the crowd. But the time for that is over.

Secretly practicing her true passion on smuggled scientific instruments, she discovers a secret that rocks her world. Now she must reveal herself and speak up to save her people. Rejected, she flees the wrath of her tribe and tries to spread word of the disaster to come.

A hidden message. A mysterious boy. A conspiracy. In this world nothing is as it seems. Will Astrid be able to navigate the web of secrets and save the race who has always rejected her?

Happy reading,